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27.       R. Candeago, K. Kim, H. Vapnik, S. Cotty, M. Aubin, S. Berensmeier, A. Kushima, X. Su. Semiconducting Polymer Interfaces for Electrochemically Assisted Mercury Remediation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2020. ASAP Article:

26.       K. Kim, P. Baldaguez Medina, J. Elbert, E. Kayiwa, R. D. Cusick, Y. Men, X. Su. Molecular Tuning of Redox-Copolymers for Selective Electrochemical Remediation. Advanced Functional Materials2020. Early View:

25.       L. Bromberg, N. Ozbek, K. J. Tan, X. Su, L. Padhye, T. A. Hatton. Iron phosphomolybdate complexes in electrocatalytic reduction of aqueous disinfection byproducts. Chemical Engineering Journal2020. In Press:

24.       X. Su. Electrochemical Interfaces for Chemical and Biomolecular SeparationsCurrent Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science2020, 46, 77-93.

23.       P. Srimuk, X. Su, J. Yoon, D. Aurbach, V. Presser. Charge-transfer materials for electrochemical water desalination, ion separation and the recovery of elementsNature Review Materials, 2020, 5, 517-538. 

22.       K. J. Tan, X. Su, T. A. Hatton. An Asymmetric Iron-Based Redox-Active System for Electrochemical Separation of Ions in Aqueous MediaAdvanced Functional Materials, 2020, 30(15), 1910363.

21.       K. Kim, S. Cotty, J. Elbert, R. Chen, C.H. Hou, X. Su. Asymmetric Redox-Polymer Interfaces for Electrochemical Reactive Separations: Synergistic Capture and Conversion of ArsenicAdvanced Materials, 2020, 32(6), 1906877. 

20.       R. Chen, T. Sheehan, J. L. Ng, M. Brucks, X. Su. Capacitive Deionization and Electrosorption for Heavy Metal Removal (Invited Themed Collection: Capacitive Deionization 2020). Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2020, 6, 258-282.

19.       J. S. Kang, et al. Rapid Inversion of Surface Charges in Heteroatom-Doped Porous Carbon: A Route to Robust Electrochemical Desalination. Advanced Functional Materials, 2020. Early View:

18.       X. Su, A. Kushima, C. Halliday, J. Zhou, J. Li, T. A. Hatton. Electrochemically-mediated selective capture of heavy metal chromium and arsenic oxyanions from water. Nature Communications, 2018, 9, 4701. 

17.       J. Lee, P. Srimuk, S. Fleischmann, X. Su, T. A. Hatton, V. Presser. Redox-electrolytes for non-flow electrochemical energy storage: a critical review and best practiceProgress in Materials Science2018, 101, 46-89.

16.       L. Bromberg, X. Su, K. Philips, T. A. Hatton. Magnesium Thiodialkanoates: Dually-Functional Additives to Organic Coatings. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research2018, 57(32), 10992–11004.

15.        T. Winter, X. Su, T. A. Hatton, M. Gallei. Ferrocene-Containing Inverse Opals by Melt-Shear Organization of Core/Shell ParticlesMacromolecular Rapid Communications2018, 39(22), 1800428. 

14.        X. Su, T. A. Hatton. Electrosorption at functional interfaces: from molecular-level interactions to electrochemical cell design. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics2017, 19, 23570-23584. [Back-Cover Highlight]

12.        X. Su, J. Hubner, M. Kauke, L. Dalbosco, C. Gonsalez, J. Thomas, E. Zhu, M. Franzreb, T.F. Jamison, T.A. Hatton.  Redox Interfaces for Electrochemically Controlled Protein-Surface Interactions: Bioseparations and Heterogeneous Enzyme Catalysis. Chemistry of Materials2017, 29 (13), 5702-5712.

12.        X. Su, K.J. Tan, J. Elbert, C. Ruttiger, M. Gallei, T.F. Jamison, T.A. Hatton. Asymmetric Faradaic systems for selective electrochemical separations. Energy & Environmental Science2017, 10, 1272-1283.

11.        X. Su, T.A. Hatton. Redox-electrodes for selective electrochemical separations, State-of-Art Perspective. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 2017, 244, 6-20.

10.        X. Su, L. Bromberg, V. Martis, F. Simeon, A. Huq, T.A. Hatton. Post-synthetic Functionalization of Mg-MOF-74 with Tetraethylenepentamine: Structural Characterization and Enhanced CO2 Adsorption. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, 9 (12), 11299-11306.

9.         X. Su, L. Bromberg, K.J. Tan, T.F. Jamison, L.K. Padhye, T.A. Hatton. Electrochemically Mediated Reduction of Nitrosamines by Hemin-Functionalized Redox Electrodes. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 2017, 4 (4), 161-167.

8.         J.R. Du, X. Su, X. Feng. Chitosan/sericin blend membranes for adsorption of bovine serum albumin. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2017, 95 (5), 954-960.

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6.         L. Bromberg,  X. Su, V. Martis, Y. Zhang, T.A. Hatton. Self-Decontaminating Fibrous Materials Reactive toward Chemical ThreatsACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2016, 8 (27), 17555-17654.

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3.         L. Bromberg, X. Su, T.A. Hatton. Heteropolyacid-Functionalized Aluminum 2-Aminoterephthalate Metal-Organic Frameworks as Reactive Aldehyde Sorbents and Catalysts. ACS Applied Materials Interfaces, 2013, 5 (12), 5468{5477.

2.         L. Bromberg, X. Su, T.A. Hatton. Aldehyde Self-Condensation Catalysis by Aluminum Aminoterephthalate Metal-Organic Frameworks Modified with Aluminum Isopropoxide. Chemistry of Materials2013, 25 (9), 1636-1642.

1.         X. Su, C. Vesco, J. Fleming, V. Choh. Density of Ocular Components of the Bovine eyeOptometry and Vision Science, 2009, 86(10), 1187-1195.



4.        X. Su, T. A. Hatton. U.S. Patent Application No. 62/413960. Use of electrochemical devices or systems comprising redox-functionalized electrodes for bioseparation and biocatalysis. International No. PCT/US2017/058888.

3.        L. Bromberg, X. Su , T. A. Hatton. U.S. Patent No. 15/592,160. Selective reduction of tobacco specific nitrosamines and related methods.

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1.        X. Su , D. Achilleos, T. A. Hatton. International Patent WO2017/075263. Electrochemical devices or systems comprising redox-functionalized electrodes and uses thereof.


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