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Redox-active metallopolymers for organic phase electrochemistry published in Polymer!

Congrats to Hanna and Riccardo for a recently published paper on the synthesis and characterization of immobilized metallopolymers on gold for organic phase applications!

Our work was recently published in Polymer, and demonstrates the electrochemical performance and stability of covalently immobilized ferrocene-polymers onto gold through an end-functionalized thiol group, synthesized by living anionic polymerization. Our work was successfully carried out through a collaboration with Prof. Markus Gallei’s group from Saarland University, with contributions from Deborah Schmitt, Alexander Schieber, and Beichen Xiong.

The work is part of the special issue on “30 Year Anniversary of Polyferrocenylsilanes: An Inspiration for New Advances in Main Group and Transition-Metal Containing Polymers”.