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Recent publications!

Please check our new publications, including our perspective on COCIS, our review with the Presser group in Nature Review Materials, and an exciting work by Kai-Jher on asymmetric iron-based redox-systems:

X. Su. Electrochemical Interfaces for Chemical and Biomolecular SeparationsCurrent Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science2020. Early View:

P. Srimuk, X. Su, J. Yoon, D. Aurbach, V. Presser. Charge-transfer materials for electrochemical water desalination, ion separation and the recovery of elementsNature Review Materials, 2020. Early View:

K. J. Tan, X. Su, T. A. Hatton. An Asymmetric Iron-Based Redox-Active System for Electrochemical Separation of Ions in Aqueous MediaAdvanced Functional Materials, 2020, 30(15), 1910363.