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Electrochemically-assisted mercury remediation published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!

Congrats to our team for a recently paper on using semiconducting polymers for modulating capture and release of mercury, led by Riccardo Candeago and Kwiyong Kim!

Our wok was recently published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces:, and explores semiconducting redox-polymers for the energy-efficient electrodeposition and stripping of mercury. Our work demonstrates the enhanced reversibility of the Faradaic process when utilizing thiophene-based redox-polymers, and the superior performance of the systems for cleaning mercury contaminated water streams down to EPA-acceptable concentrations. The work was part of Riccardo’s Master thesis between the University of Trento and the Technical University of Munich, with the research carried out in the Su group in 2019. The work had significant contributions from Haley Vapnik, Stephen Cotty, and Megan Aubin, and was carried out in collaboration with Prof. Sonja Berensmeier from TUM and Prof. Akihiro Kushima, from the University of Central Florida.