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Electrochemical reactive separation of nitrate to ammonium published in Nature Communications!

Congrats to Kwiyong, Jing Lian, and Jaeyoung for the recent paper on bifunctional redox-electrodes for the electrochemical capture of nitrate and conversion to ammonium!

Our paper was recently published in Nature Communications, and presents an approach where electrosorbents can be coupled with electrocatalysts for the capture of dilute nitrate from groundwater and be converted to value-added ammonium. Our study provides a generalized strategy for a fully electrified reaction-separation pathway for modular nitrate remediation and ammonia production. The work was done in collaboration with Alexandra Zagalskaya and T. Anh Pham’s team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, as part of a joint project within the DOE Energy-Water Desalination Hub: NAWI. A news story of our work can be found here.