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January 2023 – Su group outing to Triptych in Savoy!

August 2022 Visit by Prof. Chia-Hung Hou and his group from NTU!
August 2022 – Visit by Dr. Katharine Greco from ARPA-E to our group and UIUC for a seminar!
July 2022 – Visit and seminar by Prof. Arian Nijmeijer from U. of Twente/Shell Global Solutions to UIUC!
July 2022 – Second visit by Prof. Lokesh Padhye (U. of Auckland) to UIUC! Welcome back!
April 2022 – Prof. T. Alan Hatton’s visit to give the Distinguished Michael O’Laughlin Lecture

April 2022 – Su Group Outing at Arrowhead Lane
March 2022 – Haley and Paola at ACS Spring 2022 (San Diego, CA)

June 2021 – Group photos at Main Quad and RAL

June 2021 – The Su Group dinner!

May 2021 – Emmanuel’s graduation!

December 2019 – The Su Group 2019 end of year dinner! 

The Su group at the quad! 

Fall 2019 – Su group members join a team photo with GradUnited!

Summer 2019 – the group in front of RAL! 


Summer 2019 – Su-group helps out with the ChBE WYSE camps! 

Summer 2019 – visit from our collaborator Dr. Lokesh Padhye (U. Auckland)! 

Summer 2019 – Bowling outing! 

January 2019 – the OG group!