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Chiral metallopolymers for redox-mediated enantioselectivity published in Advanced Functional Materials!

Congrats to Jemin for his recently published paper on the design of new chiral metallopolymers for electrochemically-mediated enantioselective interactions!

The work was recently published in Advanced Functional Materials, and showcases the design of redox–metallopolymers with point chirality, for controlling electrochemically-mediated molecular recognition towards enantiomers. The work highlights the effect of supramolecular chirality in enhancing electrochemical interactions towards a range of biologically-relevant enantiomers, and the capability of chiral metallopolymers for enantioselectivity. Dr. Johannes Elbert, Ching-Hsiu Chung, and Junice Chae also contributed to the work, which was highlighted by the Beckman news.