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Electrochemically-assisted remediation of GenX published in Emerging Investigator Series in ESWRT!

Congrats to Paola for a recently published paper on the electrochemically-mediated remediation of GenX using TEMPO-based copolymers!

Our work was recently published in the Emerging Investigator Series in Environmental Science: Water Research Technology, and demonstrates the capability of tuning electroactive interfaces for the selective capture of GenX for a range of water matrices. GenX is a new class of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) with increasing occurrence in the environment. We demonstrate the high capacity of TEMPO-based copolymers for the binding of GenX, with an enhancement kinetics by electric potential, and the ability of integration with electrochemical defluorination in a single step. The work had significant contributions from Stephen Cotty, Kwiyong Kim, and Johannes Elbert, with our group’s research highlighted in the RSC ESWRT blog!