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We are looking for talented and motivated researchers to join our group! Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of the research program, we encourage candidates from any related field in Engineering and Sciences to apply. A list of the major research themes can be found in the Research section.

Open Positions

Graduate Students: Prospective doctoral candidates are encouraged to join the group through the PhD programs across the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering, including Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering.

For more information on the available projects, feel free to reach out to Prof. Su (

Postdoctoral Researchers: We are currently seeking for postdoctoral researchers in chemical engineering, biological/biomolecular engineering, materials science and engineering, chemistry and physics with a strong background in one (or more) of the below areas:

  • organic and inorganic chemistry, with proven synthetic experience
  • analytical chemistry
  • electrochemical systems, and related sub-fields of electrochemistry
  • materials characterization and spectroscopy

To inquire for the available projects, contact Prof. Su ( with a CV, contact information of three references and a description of research interests.