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In-situ neutron reflectometry of redox-polymers published in JACS Au!

Congrats to Riccardo for his recently published paper on the study of solvation and ion valency in redox-metallopolymers using in-situ electrochemical techniques!

The work was recently published in JACS Au, and investigates the role of salvation, ion valency, and polymer structure on electrosorption through a combination of in-situ neutron reflectometry, in-situ ellipsometry, separation tests, and ab-initio molecular dynamics. The work is carried out in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) neutron reflectometry team by Dr. Jim Browning, Dr. Hanyu Wang, and Dr. Mat Doucet, and the theory and simulation team by Dr. Vanda Glezakou and Dr. Manh Nguyen. Our work was highlighted by ChBE news and also selected as the supplementary cover for the journal!