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Electrochemical multicomponent metal separations published in Advanced Functional Materials!

Congrats to Raylin for a recently published paper on investigating structure and potential-dependence of metallopolymers, for tailoring precise separations for metal recovery in multicomponent systems!

Our work was recently published in Advanced Functional Materials, and demonstrates the effect of both chemical structure and electrochemical potential on the selectivity between competitive transition metal oxyanions, based on a main-chain and pendant group metallopolymers. In particular, we elucidated electronic structure effects on multicomponent separations, and the possibility of tuning separation factor for a desirable metal recovery. The work had significant contributions from Jiangyan Feng, Jemin Jeon, Thomas Sheehan, and Christian Ruttiger, and was carried out in collaboration with Prof. Diwakar Shukla (UIUC) and Prof. Markus Gallei (Saarland University).