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Electrochemically-mediated reactive separations work accepted in Advanced Materials!

Congrats to our team for a recently accepted paper on using redox-active polymers for reactive separation of arsenic, led by Kwiyong Kim and Stephen Cotty!

Our work was recently published in Advanced Materials (Early View):, and describes the integrated selective adsorption of As(III) and transformation to As(V). We combine a selective metallopolymer adsorbent (PVF) with a stable radical organic-polymer electrocatalyst (PTMA), to enable removal with >90% efficiency of arsenic at concentrations as low as 10 ppb, and a high degree of transformation. This work is a significant step in our group’s vision of using molecular design and electrochemical approaches to enable more efficient methods for process intensification, water purification, and environmental remediation. Our work also had significant contributions from Johannes Elbert, Raylin Chen, and collaborative input from Prof. Chia-Hung Hou, from the National University of Taiwan.